How do you live the profound life YOU really desire to live?
Well, it is extremely simple :-)…
… do and follow ONLY what resonates with You.
Drop ( don’t do) everything what is NOT your priority / love / passion
and what doesn’t give you the deepest drive.

Experiment YOURSELFExperiment YOURSELFExperiment YOURSELF

That is the most colorful, beautiful and effective way to build your
bulletproofness to the chaos and the negative polarities.
bulletproofness to the chaos

Dance likeDance likeDance like

Dance your NOW as often and WILD as possible.
Dance on tables,
waves or even colors.
Dance as you are only the light and the energy.
Dance like the river with gravity – effortless :-)
Color your dance with the most spontaneous emotions of freedom, music, intuition and laughter.
Why? Why NOT?
But most of all. Transcend all of your bias. Create your OWN culture and wisdom!