The wafe ot the sound?The wafe ot the sound?

What was first? The wave or the sound?
The answer is very simple..
.. there is not knowing whatsoever :-)

STOP thinking. Just DRIVE and breathe your unique color of the life dance.

The fractAnce is also our individualterm. It’s a combination of words: fractals and dance. One of our deepest passion is to observe very carefully how the synergy of the NATURE is stunningly dancing it’s colors of the magic and endless life. From one perspective it’s extremely complex and complicated. From another end it’s superbly simple and absolutely harmonious.

NATURE is stunningly dancing it's colors
NATURE is stunningly dancing it's colors
NATURE is stunningly dancing it's colors
NATURE is stunningly dancing it's colors

For more than 15 years we have been colorfully proudly helping our Clients to understand how important it is to get INSPIRED by the flow of Nature and eclectic music.
Learn how to gain as much energy and happiness from fractals decency and simplicity as you need.
Once again – the source of the abunDance is absolutely UNLIMITED. All you got to do is start YOUR unique fractAnce. That’s how you crate the limitless potential.
Then you patiently and carefully observe the smallest details and enhance your neuronal connections.
That’s how you ACTUALIZE all of your intentions, dreams, plans and goals. :-)

INSPIRED by the flow of NatureINSPIRED by the flow of Nature

Do YOU let the fractals of the NATURE and the dance of the timeless Universe freely music the colors inside your senses, dreams, desires and emotions?
Here is a very simplified and practical list of what really makes us feel good and happy:

Sleep – solid 8h – in dark, cold environment
Diet – superfoods and superherbs
Avoiding stress – at all cost
Bonding with other People/Partners/ Pets
Change your mindset for deeply positive/balanced/open.
Less thinking. More feeling
Controlling your though process & emotions
Eclectic music, wild dance, colorful loughter:)
Deep breaths – really deep and really often :-)
Helping OTHERS (but first help yourself :-))
Flowering of the collective consciousness
Passions – transform your work into passion
Expanding / practicing creativity, imagination
Love (try to find novelty in love – everyday :))
Stepping into UNKNOWN (way outside of your comfort zone)
Creating your OWN culture / transcend bias.

practical listpractical listpractical list