spinning energy

Everything around you is the spinning energy at deeply individual level of vibrations.
Enhanclligence is our proprietary term.
It’s a combination of words enhance and intelligence. This is what we do best. We intensely encourage and inspire our Clients to focus on constant colorfull sharpening of Their intellect.

What is the main source of YOUR energy and creativity? (careful – this is a very tricky one :-))
How efficient and sustainable is the quality of that source?

Even an Iron can danceEven an Iron can dance

Even an Iron can dance it’s ART with panache. :-)
Do YOU really have enough knowledge and stamina to actualize all of your goals, successes, happiness and existential fulfillment – day by day? DO YOU? (at least be honest with yourself).

The pure energy sources of the creativity, remedy and abundance are absolutely UNLIMITED and are much more accessible than the mainstream thinks. For over 15 years we have been intensely testing and implementing them within the Colors.Dance Circular. The results are astonishing and the efficiency of individuals improve way beyond the beyond.

qeometrical growth /expression THEMSELVES

Our mian goal here at colors.dance is to ultimately stimulate our Clients to the point where They can reach
and experience that qeometrical growth /expression THEMSELVES.
MUSIC is the keyword.

MUSIC is the keyword. Music takes us immediately from the boring content of everyday routine to amazingly beautiful CONTEXT of life!
So how intelligent do YOU music? :-)